Thursday, January 14, 2016

Starting Over With a New Blog

A lot has changed for me in the past three years. I had two babies, and have been adjusting to being a Mom.

Unfortunately, between the two pregnancies close together, and dealing with some emotional issues, I've gained all of the weight back.  Plus some.

I'm going to be blogging again, but I'm coming from a different place now, since I've never had to lose weight as a mother before.

My new Blog is called "Being My Best Me". I'm hoping it will give me the motivation that this blog gave me a few years ago.

I'm going to be talking about losing weight, taking care of myself, my family, and trying to be my best self in all aspects of my life: Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the weight is a symptom, and to really get rid of it for good, I need to solve the problems that brought it back to me in the first place.

If you're interested in following me on my new blog, here's the address:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Waldorf Salad

Yesterday for lunch I had a tuna/pasta/waldorf salad. I just started throwing produce in there like crazy.  I used fuji apples, red grapes, and celery. I should have taken a picture for you guys. . .but I ate it too fast.  :)

For the creaminess I added just a little of both mayo and miracle whip, since that was what I had on hand. I've read that you can use yogurt instead to be a little more healthy.  Do you guys have any experience with that? How does it change the flavor? Have you ever found any other options?

I really like the apple/grape/celery combo, and I want to make another salad without the pasta & tuna. I'm looking for alternate ideas for the  dressing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Failed Experiments

I love food experiments.  Sometimes they work great and  I come away with new recipes to post, and new ideas to build on.  Sometimes they don't work out so well--in fact, sometimes they fail in a big way.  There was one experiment back before my attempts at healthy cooking that my husband refers to as "Nuclear Orange Chicken Jello".  I had a picture for a long time.  It looked like an orange jello mold. . .with chicken in it.  Needless to say, we did not end up eating that.

Yesterday I said I was going to try a carrot "green" smoothie oatmeal and let you know how it went today.  Well, I didn't really like it.  The texture was kind of weird. I used half of the smoothie to cook yesterday's oatmeal in, and the other half to make overnight refrigerator oats with.  The refrigerator ones weren't quite as bad as the cooked oatmeal, but if I were you I still wouldn't do it.  I think the smoothie was just a little too thick.  It's a sound idea though, maybe in the future I'll experiment more with adding more water.  (And I'm sure you could do great things if you have a juicer.

I still love experiments though. You can learn so much from them. If it completely fails, look on the bright side.  At least you can get a laugh out of it (And at least it isn't Nuclear Orange Chicken Jello). And if it doesn't fail and you get a great new recipe, all the better!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I love Oatmeal.

I can't understand why some people get bored with it. There are so many ways to flavor it! I mean, there are entire blogs devoted to gourmet oatmeal.  It drives me nuts when I hear people refer to it as "Glue" or "Cardboard".

I also love Green Smoothies. . .

                    And Food Experiments.

I'm almost positive this has been done before (in fact, I'm pretty sure Chocolate Covered Katie has done something like this), but I'm wondering how my breakfast will turn out if I just blend up a green smoothie (although today the "green" is actually orange because I'm thinking about carrots) and use the smoothie to cook my oatmeal in.

Interesting concept. . . .I'll let you know if it's a keeper or a fail tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Coming Back

I'm finally back.  It's been about a year and a half since I was really very active with this blog. In that time, I recovered from my foot surgery, my husband started working less hours so he could go back to school full time, I took on more piano students, got pregnant, had the baby, and continued to juggle our work/school schedules so that one of us could be home with the baby almost all the time (except for a few hours each week when she stays with Grandma & Grandpa).

My gym pass expired while I was pregnant, and of course, with all hospital bills and new costs of having a little one, getting another pass isn't an option (I miss Zumba!). It's all worth it though--she's a little sweetheart.

There are two things I wish I had done differently, though.  I gained back a lot of the weight when I was pregnant, assuming it would melt right off again when she was born and I started nursing. I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to nurse.  In gaining that weight, I got into a lot of my old bad eating habits, and since then, it's been really hard to break them again. Part of the reason is because of the second thing I wish I had done differently. I allowed myself to become an obstacle.

I love my baby so much, and I've been so preoccupied with taking care of her that I began to feel apathetic about taking care of myself, thinking she's more important.  Now, seven months later, I'm just finally coming to the realization that taking care of myself is taking care of her.

My husband suggested I take back my blog.  You guys were all such a great support for me before, and I loved being able to share my ideas and successes with you.  I've only gotten one basket since I had my little girl because it's been  better option for us lately to buy our produce from the grocery store.  I'll probably still try to get a basket every now and then, but I decided I can still blog about losing weight by eating well, even if I don't get a basket every week anymore. I'm going to try to write about once a week initially, since my schedule is so much more hectic now.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Go Bananas!!!

I miss my blog. . .    :(   I still haven't gotten a basket in a while, but I've been eating a bunch of bananas lately and it got me thinking that I never shared Chocolate Covered Katie's Melted Banana Trick with you.  Basically she says if you put a banana in the microwave it melts/caramelizes, and it makes a great natural sweetener for oatmeal (I've heard that America's Test Kitchen uses this approach in their banana bread recipe, too).

I like making my own oatmeal because I can flavor it any way I want, and it doesn't have all the junk in it that the little packets do.  One warning about the melted banana trick though: it doesn't always work with the BB bananas. I know some people have had problems with the bananas taking a long time to ripen. It supposedly has something to do with the fact that they don't gas the bananas like the grocery stores do to make them yellow faster. DON'T try to melt one that isn't ripe (or one that's passed the point you'd be willing to eat it plain). Trust me. . .it won't work.  Only use ripe bananas.  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good News!!!

I just wanted to hop on here quick and explain the reason for my long-term absence from my blog.  I'm expecting! And of course, that's made my life a little crazy (I also picked up a bunch more piano students, so my schedule's more hectic than before). I just can't focus so much attention on a blog right now. . .plus, I haven't gotten a basket in a few months.  Apparently this baby isn't as adventurous in what it wants to eat as I am. I've been getting my produce from the grocery store, because I'd hate to get a basket and then have it go to waste because I don't feel like eating half of it.

I do really miss apples, though. I finally found some decent looking ones at the store today that weren't ridiculously overpriced. And I can't wait until Summer because I want some Watermelon so bad!

Bountiful Baskets has been great for my health. If I hadn't started eating better and exercising, I would still be stuck with the health problems I started out with, and we wouldn't be expecting right now.  Thanks BB!!!