Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Apple a day really CAN keep the doctor away!!! (Or a pear, or a banana, or a cucumber, or some cauliflower. . .)

Yesterday morning I was watching the news, and they said there's a new study that suggests eating fruits and veggies that are white on the inside reduces your risk of stroke by half. (This includes all of the produce I listed in the title, but Apples and Pears are best.) I'm sure if you google it there will be an article on it somewhere. . . .yes, I love Google. :)

I was also looking up articles online to see if there are any foods that really do fight belly fat, because that's the area of my body that's slowest to improve, and also the unhealthiest place to carry your weight. Most of them were things I eat on a daily basis because of the baskets (things like green leafy veggies, or whole grains), but then I read that one of these fat-fighting foods was avocado. I love avocados! I was thinking that maybe I need to order a Mexican Pack one of these weeks so I can get some. Then this morning, what should show up in my basket but...avocados and apples. YES!!!

Sometimes it's like Sally and Tanya (the ladies who run BB) have ESP or something, because I'll have a craving and it shows up in my basket the next day. And I can already tell you the apples are delicious!


  1. Hi! I replied to your comment on my blog, but thought I would post it here also in case you don't check back there.

    My location does not offer the organic basket. I wish they did and am hopeful that they will in the future. We love fennel, but I don't often buy it because it tends to be expensive. This was a treat for us.

  2. pretty sure that EVERY time I read your blog, I'm totally inspired! thanks for every single word you write!