Friday, October 21, 2011


I think I've mentioned before that I'm a professional pianist/accompanist/piano teacher, which means that I know a lot about setting goals (After all, tackling a difficult piece of music can take a lot of time and dedication). I also know that achieving large goals is a lot easier when you have mini goals along the way to make your large goal seem more manageable. Here are the goals I've made so far:

Starting weight:  231.8 lb
Halloween goal: 205
Nov. 14th goal (my anniversary): 199.8 lb
Christmas goal: 195 lbs
Valentines Day goal: 175 lbs

175 is the number where I reach a "normal" BMI, so that is my main goal for now. When I get there, I'll probably want to lose maybe another 10 lbs, so I'm not borderline overweight. I'll worry about that once I've reached 175, though.

Now I've shared my goals with all of you, so tell me: what are your major health goals, and what are the mini goals that are helping you get there?

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