Monday, October 31, 2011

The great pumpkin adventure

I have a confession to make:  the only time I've had pumpkin is in a pie. I know; it's sad. Especially when I've heard so much about how healthy pumpkin is for you. A few weeks ago, I visited "the pumpkin man"; a cute little elderly man and his wife who sell pumpkins on their front lawn every October. (I know BB has had them as add-ons, but it's tradition at our house to buy from the pumpkin man.) I bought four and have been plotting what to do with them ever since.

1- I'm going to roast the pumpkin seeds to snack on later. I love roasted pumpkin seeds!
2- Next, I'm going to make pumpkin puree following these directions. (This is just like the stuff you buy in the store, minus all the preservatives and extra junk.
3- The first recipe I'm making with my pumpkin puree is a pumpkin pie smoothie. (This one sounded the most healthy and delicious to me of all the smoothie recipes I googled. I can't wait to try it!!!)
4- There are a ton of recipes online using pumpkin puree. I'm sure I'll probably make a traditional pumpkin pie for thanksgiving with my in-laws, but there's a ton of other stuff that would be neat to try, too! (like these Pumpkin Enchiladas, or  the Pumpkin soup on the Bountiful Baskets Blog.)

I also wanted to share some good news with you! Even though today's not Friday, I stepped on the scale this morning (because I wanted to see if I made my Halloween goal--and I did!!!) My Halloween goal was 205, and I came in at 204.6 lbs. Sweet!  I think when I reach the negative thirty pound mark I'll have to put up some progress pictures. . .

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