Monday, October 17, 2011

Spices and weight loss

I love having spices in my diet. They add a ton of flavor without all those extra calories. Plus, there are a bunch of spices that supposedly help with weight loss. Two that I've tried to add in lately are cinnamon and cayenne. Cinnamon is supposed to help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and cayenne boosts your metabolism. (I got my info here, but there are several other sites that talk about the benefits of spices.)

Cinnamon is easy to add to really sweet fruits, and--at least to me--makes them taste more like dessert, especially if you're eating peaches. I don't do so well with spicy foods, so I bought Cayenne supplements online from Puritan's Pride. It's just the cayenne powder in a capsule so I don't have to taste it. . . :)  I read in a book that I borrowed from the library that it "only" increases your metabolism by about 30% for three hours after you ingest it. Some people say that's not enough to make any difference, but I figured it out, and for me, it would be an extra 5-10 lb weight loss (with the supplements I bought). That may not be a huge difference, but sometimes that last five pounds is the hardest.

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