Monday, November 14, 2011

Isn't It Nice?

I didn't get a basket this past weekend because I was out of town for my anniversary, (It's actually a good thing, because I need to catch up on a freezer full of frozen soup and plum muffins!!!) but I already made my contribution for this Saturday. Actually, I'm debating buying another one, since there will be no baskets the week of Thanksgiving. *hint, hint: If you only get a basket every other week, you should get one this week or you'll be without for a while.

Since we stayed in a friend's timeshare condo (with a full kitchen), I packed some food to take with us so we wouldn't have to eat out for every meal. I had one bag with food and snacks for my husband, and one bag with apples, plum muffins, and other healthy foods for me. . .Then we got there and I realized I had left my bag home.  :(   The result was that I didn't make the best food choices this weekend. I decided not to let it upset me, though.

In the past, thinking about how "bad" I had been would have made me continue making those bad choices, since I had already "messed up" anyway.  It's that kind of negative thinking that made me unhealthy in the first place! Instead, I decided to use positive reinforcement. In the book Anne of Green Gables, one character says, "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" I may not have made the best choices yesterday, but today is a new day, and it's a good day. That's all I need to think about!


I also wanted to share this quote from The Lion King with you. I think it's my new "weight loss mantra":

Pumba:  "It's like my buddy Timon always says, you got to put your behind in your past."
Timon:  "No, no, no, Amateur. Sit down before you hurt yourself. It's: You got to  put your past behind you."

I think I'll do both, thank you!!!

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