Friday, December 9, 2011

Rediscovering My Food Dehydrator

About a year and a half ago, I purchased a Food Dehydrator at a yard sale. It's nothing fancy--it doesn't have any temperature controls--but the lady selling it had only used it once or twice and gave it to me for only $3. . . I took it home and went through a short period of dehydrating everything I could think of, but like most small kitchen appliances, it ended up shoved in the back of one of my cabinets.

You know what they say, "Out of sight, out of mind." I forgot it was there until this week, when I read someone's post about dehydrated persimmons on BB's facebook page. So. . . .I got down on my hands and knees and started pulling stuff out of that cabinet. When I had freed the dehydrator, I sliced up all my persimmons and put them on the trays, and two days later (it likes to take its dear sweet time--like I said, it's cheap) I have persimmon chips to snack on. They're actually pretty good. It makes me think that the reason I didn't like them before was the texture, not the taste. It's just helps prove that you can't write off any fruit or veggie until you have tried preparing it several different ways. (Just because you don't like apples doesn't mean you won't like apple sauce!)

When I finished drying the persimmons, I decided to try my hand at fruit leather. I don't eat pears by themselves either, and I still had that large bag from a few weeks ago, plus the pears I got last week. They were all soft and mushy, and I'd been waiting until I had some free time to make pear sauce or pear butter (both of which I love). Yesterday I cut the pears up, added a little water and cinnamon, and boiled them. Then I took the pears out of the saucepan, pureed them, put them back in the pan, and boiled as much of the water off as I could. The pear sauce ended up pretty thick. Then today I put some waxed paper down on my dehydrator trays and spread the pear sauce around. Some websites say wax paper works and some say you have to use parchment paper. I really hope it works though, because fruit leather sounds so good right now!

I know I'll have to wait a few days for it to be done, though. . .Patience is hard! It's hard to be patient for my dehydrator to finish, hard to wait for Saturday morning to see what I'm getting in my basket, and hard to be patient for all the weight to come off. But really, the best things in life are the things we have to be patient for, right?

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