Friday, December 2, 2011

Short and Sweet: Good News. . .and a Weigh In Too

First, the weigh in: This is pretty exciting: As of this morning the scale said 194.4 lbs, which means I've lost 37.4 lbs!

Now for the good news!  If you've read my first post, you know that the main reason I decided to start losing weight was that I began having some health problems. I couldn't believe that I let my eating habits get so out of control that I had made myself ill. Without going into too much detail, I just want to share that I must have crossed some imaginary line this week, because those health problems are gone! 

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm quitting now. I AM going to get down to a healthy BMI. And then I hope to lose a little bit more than that (so I'm not right on the border between healthy and overweight). I hope this gives other people motivation to not give up. It may take a while, but small changes really will make a big difference in the long-run. 


  1. Congratulations on creating a healthier YOU and for encouraging others.

  2. Where's the like button? That's awesome! Keep it up!

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  4. Well done! We have to start somewhere. It's a process over time, we don't gain weight overnight.....hence we will not lose it over night.

    You inspire me!
    Happy health!