Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curbing Cravings

This morning I caught the last few minutes of the tv show "The Doctors" as I was eating my mid-morning snack,  and I heard something quite interesting. Apparently, there was a recent study done on chocolate consumption. Scientists learned that chocolate lovers who went on a 15 minute walk before indulging ate half as much chocolate as those who hadn't exercised. They're saying it's because exercise boosts endorphin levels just like eating chocolate does, so the people didn't need as much of the sweet stuff. Here's another tip: eat dark chocolate. It's better for you than milk chocolate and it tastes so good!

Another study that I read about this morning said that hunger hormones actually go up when people look at pictures of unhealthy food, even if they just ate. It happens whether you see the food in a photograph, on tv, or on a family member's plate. So. . .maybe I'll avoid watching cooking shows after dinner now. (This is the link to that article, if you want to read it yourself.)

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