Monday, January 16, 2012

Discovering my Style

Last week was an interesting week. The numbers on the scale didn't go down much, but I was excited to learn that a lot of my old clothes fit again. I get to wear my favorite pair of jeans now (which also happens to be the smallest pair I own--the only pants I have that are smaller are dress pants), and I got two dresses to zip up for the first time in a few years. I also pulled a few shirts out of the space bag they've been living in. It feels great to have a choice about what I wear again--I'm getting my style back!


  1. Hey! There is this GREAT book that I am reading that I highly recommend. It is Lean and Free 2000 Plus by Dana Thornock. I am soaking up every page. It's great because she focuses on losing inches.

    "My first rule was that no class members were to weigh themselves, because success on this program is not measured by pounds lost. The woman that lost the most body fat during my ten-week course lost only ONE pound of weight. Yet she reduced 40 inches and 3 dress sizes. And she did so while eating MORE than 2,000 calories a day. Most telling, she had just come off a medically supervised 800-calories-a-day diet in which she gained 8 pounds!"

    Anyway, I started a blog about the book that you're more than welcome to read along.

  2. BTW I am SO EXCITED for you!! You are wearing your favorite pair of jeans! I bet you feel like a MILLION bucks. That is so so great. :D Thanks for writing this blog. I feel very inspired by you and I look forward to your updates.