Thursday, March 1, 2012

“How much weight do you have to lose before people start noticing?”

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? That, and “What does 25 lb look like?” are plastered all over the web.

I have quite a lot of friends and family in “the real world” who know I’m trying to lose weight, and they comment all the time on my progress. Yesterday was the first time someone mentioned it whom I haven’t already told. Actually, I was kind of surprised that it took 50 lbs for someone to notice—or at least say something about it. I mean, just looking at the progress pictures proves that there’s a huge difference there. If you’re getting discouraged that no one seems to be noticing your progress, take a deep breath and consider these possibilities:

1-Maybe they ARE noticing, but don’t want to say anything. It’s kind of an awkward compliment, if you think about it. “Hey, you’ve lost so much weight—you’re looking so good!”  implies that you didn’t look good before. Not that they would mean it that way. . .but it’s just awkward.  And some people don’t say anything because they’re jealous.

2- Maybe they don’t notice because they see you all the time. It’s kind of like the whole “stick-a-frog-in-a-pot-of-boiling-water-and-he’ll-jump-out,-but-stick-him-in-a-pot-of-cold-water-and-slowly-turn-up-the-heat-and-he’ll-boil” analogy. Someone who hadn’t seen you since your before picture would definitely notice.

3- Maybe there are actually people out there who care more about the person you are than what you look like.

The positive reinforcement from people’s comments is nice, but we can get that from other places too. Here’s what we really need to take away from all of this: If you’re trying to lose weight, do it for yourself. Do it because you feel healthier and more confident. Don’t base your self-image on other people’s comments—that’s why it’s called SELF-image. And if you’re the person who doesn’t see the progress in yourself, take a step back and remember where you started. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost 5 lbs or 50—if you’re moving in the right direction, you are a success.

How much weight do you have to lose before people start noticing?  Who Cares??!!!

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