Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cheery Cherry Sorbet

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had an idea for another salad dressing. Unfortunately, this one didn't turn out as well as some of the others, so I won't be sharing this time. However, I can tell you that it involved pureed cherries.

After I turned the tips of all my fingers purple taking the pits out, I put all the cherries I got in Saturday's basket into my Vitamix, and I learned something new. When you puree cherries,  the mixture gets really thick and becomes the same consistency as gelatin. After I tried the salad dressing recipe and it failed, I needed something else to do with the rest of my puree. The thickness seemed perfect for making a sorbet!

This was delicious, and all it's made from is fresh, uncooked cherries, pureed in my Vitamix and frozen in my ice cream maker for about 10 minutes. (I have one of the ice cream makers that has a bowl you keep in the freezer overnight.) If you don't have an ice cream maker, you could probably also freeze the cherries themselves, and then put them into the blender. You may have to add a little liquid for this method, but don't add too much or it will turn into a smoothie. I like the consistency better when I use an ice cream maker, but I know they can be expensive. I only have one because it was a wedding gift.

You can also try putting other berries in the puree and see what happens. Experimenting is fun!

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