Saturday, August 18, 2012

What was in the baskets: 8/18/12

Sorry for the lack of picture today, guys. It's a busy day for me today, and I just had to get my haul stashed away as quickly as possible. Today was a heavy veggie day! (I haven't had one of those in a while. Lately it seems like there has been a lot more fruit.) Here's the list:

2 heads loose leaf lettuce
1 bunch kale
1 bag brussels sprouts
2 small bunches broccoli
1 head cauliflower
4 onions
3 tomatoes
6 bananas
1 bag grapes
3 plums
2 apple pears
5 nectarines

And. . .I have a question for all of you. I love steaming brussels sprouts (or broccoli) in the microwave, adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and topping with a low calorie cheese. The only problem I have come across is that using the microwave makes my entire apartment smell for a day or two, and my husband hates the smell. Is there a way to cook them similarly without the smell? Or do any of you know a good way to make the smell go away?

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  1. I've had that same problem with many things I've cooked in our condo. Not enough windows to air it all out ;). I love to put a small pot of water on the stove, add a couple orange peels and a cinnamon stick and maybe a dash of vanilla then simmer it. It totally takes the smell away and makes your house smell amazing!