Saturday, August 4, 2012

What was in the baskets: 8/4/12

This morning was interesting. When I got to the site out truck wasn't there yet, so I stayed to volunteer. Apparently the truck had broken down, and the people who had transferred the produce to the new truck weren't sure how to pack it. The food was sliding all over the truck. Luckily, not much of it was damaged, but it took a while for the VSC to accept everything. We had boxes with other pick-up sites' names on them. . .Luckily, a lot of people stayed to help, and we got everything distributed in about 30 minutes. :)  And we got some great stuff, too! Here's the list:

1 Head Romaine
1 Head Cabbage
4 Tomatoes
5 Avocados
1 Galia Melon
2 Packages Blueberries
1 Bag Cherries
3 Peaches
4 Mangos
5 Bananas

And now I'm off to the gym!


  1. We didn't get any avacados and only 3 bananas. We got 2 cabbages and only 1 package of blueberries. I wonder if it is supposed to differ from site to site. I picked up at Pony Express Elementary here in Eagle Mountain.

  2. I know it's a little different from site to site, and even from basket to basket. Not everyone at my site got the exact same number of items I did, but the VSC tries to keep everything fair by the way they have the volunteers distribute items. I know some sites got potatoes, but we got extra avocados instead. (And my extra package of blueberries was because I volunteered since the truck was late). And it also differs based on the size of your site.