Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good News!!!

I just wanted to hop on here quick and explain the reason for my long-term absence from my blog.  I'm expecting! And of course, that's made my life a little crazy (I also picked up a bunch more piano students, so my schedule's more hectic than before). I just can't focus so much attention on a blog right now. . .plus, I haven't gotten a basket in a few months.  Apparently this baby isn't as adventurous in what it wants to eat as I am. I've been getting my produce from the grocery store, because I'd hate to get a basket and then have it go to waste because I don't feel like eating half of it.

I do really miss apples, though. I finally found some decent looking ones at the store today that weren't ridiculously overpriced. And I can't wait until Summer because I want some Watermelon so bad!

Bountiful Baskets has been great for my health. If I hadn't started eating better and exercising, I would still be stuck with the health problems I started out with, and we wouldn't be expecting right now.  Thanks BB!!!

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