Thursday, May 23, 2013

Go Bananas!!!

I miss my blog. . .    :(   I still haven't gotten a basket in a while, but I've been eating a bunch of bananas lately and it got me thinking that I never shared Chocolate Covered Katie's Melted Banana Trick with you.  Basically she says if you put a banana in the microwave it melts/caramelizes, and it makes a great natural sweetener for oatmeal (I've heard that America's Test Kitchen uses this approach in their banana bread recipe, too).

I like making my own oatmeal because I can flavor it any way I want, and it doesn't have all the junk in it that the little packets do.  One warning about the melted banana trick though: it doesn't always work with the BB bananas. I know some people have had problems with the bananas taking a long time to ripen. It supposedly has something to do with the fact that they don't gas the bananas like the grocery stores do to make them yellow faster. DON'T try to melt one that isn't ripe (or one that's passed the point you'd be willing to eat it plain). Trust me. . .it won't work.  Only use ripe bananas.  :)

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