What is Bountiful Baskets?

*Update:  Since I started writing on this blog I stopped buying a basket every week. It is still a great program, but it wasn't working as well with my family's circumstances/schedule anymore. I will still be writing about losing weight by eating produce, and you can apply my ideas to your basket.

What is it?
Bountiful Baskets (BB for short) is a Produce Co-op. (That means that consumers pool their money and purchase produce in bulk straight from the farmers to save money.) It is not a business--BB is entirely volunteer run (and if you choose to participate you're expected to volunteer occasionally if you are physically able).

How much does it cost?
The cost for a basic basket is $15 + $1.50 credit card processing fee (so $16.50 total). The first time they ask for a $3 first-time-basket fee, but you never have to pay that again, even if you move to a different state and use a different site. They also have add-on packages you can buy, but I usually don't.

Where is it available?
Bountiful Baskets is currently available in these 17 states:

New Mexico
South Dakota

Some states only have a few pick-up locations, but BB is always growing and expanding according to need (and when people are willing to volunteer!).

How do I do this?
On Mondays I log onto their website and click "Participate Now". Then I choose the site I want to pick up from. My pick-up is Saturday Morning.  (There's a 20 minute pick-up window. Don't forget to pick-up your basket or it will be donated. . .usually to the local fire station.) When Saturday comes, I take my reusable shopping bags, stand in line, give them my name and confirmation number (from my order), and sign a paper to say I picked it up. 

Volunteers have evenly split up all the produce our site received into laundry baskets. I go to my assigned basket for the week, remove all the produce, and put it in my reusable bags. 

Volunteers show up one hour prior to pick-up time to help distribute the produce. Anyone who volunteers is given an extra item.

Still have questions?
Here is a link to their Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you want to talk to other people who participate, try the Facebook Page.
If you have a specific question you need answered, use the Facebook Page; don't try to click "Contact Us" on the website. The ladies who run it get thousands of e-mails a day, and don't have time to check them all. (After all, they're volunteers too--they don't get paid for all the time they spend on this!)

And here are some helpful  videos I found of Bountiful Baskets Sites on Youtube:

I hope this information helps!

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